Monday 27 February 2017


Tourism has been one of the biggest service industries in the world. It is one of the biggest contributors of the GDP of the world. The industry suffered a jolt because of the economic recession in 2008. However, since then the economy has recovered and so has the tourism industry. The future looks bright for the tourism industry with the number of visitors increasing. The same is true for the Turkish tourism industry too. The Turkish tourism industry has been growing over the years. The Government has played a huge role in the development of the tourism industry. The history and culture as well as the geography of the place have been an added advantage to the Turkish tourism industry. The country lies in the crossroads of civilizations of Asia and Europe and thus the culture is a mix of both the traditions. People coming here can sense the features of both the cultures. The components of the tourism industry like hotels, travel agencies etc have increased in Turkey to assist the tourists in their travel. A new addition has been the medical tourism in the country with world class medical facilities available at cheaper prices than that in the other countries. However, the country has not been able to attract tourists at t frantic pace that was expected of it. This is because of the lack of marketing promotional strategies by the tourism industry of the country. Though the Government and the tourism industry of Turkey have worked a lot in the promotional arena to attract tourists, the effort has not resulted in huge influx of tourists. The paper deals with the case study of Onura Hotel in Kusadasi region.  The hotel has been facing certain problems with the operations. A mixture of qualitative and quantitative technique of research has been applied in the paper to find out better ways to improve the operations. From the research it has been found out that the management has been inefficient in dealing with the operation of the hotel. The main objective should be to form an identity of the hotel. The management has not been able to construct the brand identity of the hotel and has not marketed well the image of the hotel to the global customers. The hotel at present is dependent on the travel agencies and tourism agencies for the influx of tourists. This is detrimental to the performance of the hotel as the influx of tourists is dependent on the whims of these agencies. The management has to employ various marketing techniques to make the customers aware of the hotel. This will make the hotel less dependent on the travel agencies. The case study of the Onura Hotel has been taken as this gives a fair representation of the hotels of Turkey in general and will form a good reference for the analysis. 

Globalization has increased the pace of the services tremendously in the world.  The technological revolution that began with Internet has brought the people in various parts of the world closer to each other. Borders are fading away. Trade blocks and continental economic unions are developing. Shortly, the world is going through a process of interconnectedness. With the help of globalization, the trade between the countries has increased and people can move from one country to the other more freely. The globalization has also increased the sharing of information easier. Thus people can go to the other countries with sufficient information. People can choose the destinations more carefully and can go to their destined places. The financial integration of the different parts of the world has made it easier to transact between the countries of the world. (Advantages of Globalization, n.d.; Advantages and Disadvantages of globalization, n.d.). Tourism industry is positively affected from this process.  Tourism industry is a rapidly developing industry in the world.
The Global tourism industry suffered due to the terrorist attacks in USA on 9/11. The influx of the tourists in and out of the US decreased to a huge extent in the latter years. The trend was visible all over the world. The European tourism industry also suffered with decreasing trends in the inbound and the outbound tourists. There are two important components of the tourism industry – destination and the supporting industry. The European tourism industry benefits from having a great range of destinations. However, the supporting industry suffered. The tourists were susceptible to move out to destinations by the airlines. The airline companies suffered due to the unavailability of the travellers. This trend was visible also in the case of the business class travellers. The travellers were unwilling to stay for a long time. (Porras, 2003). After the lull period of the start of the new millennium, the tourism industry went upwards. The growth of the industry was positive. The industry created 27 million jobs. However, the recession of 2008 took a toll on the industry. The growth rate dipped to negative in 2008 in terms of GDP. (Coward, 12th March, 2009). At the aftermath of the recession, the global tourism industry showed signs of recovering from the slump. In the latter part of 2009, there was an increase in the transportation of tourists. (Chu, April, 2010). The Tourism industry is the largest service industry of the world. It accounts for about 9.7% of the total GDP of the world. (Cooray, n.d.).
Turkey is a unique country in the world which is situated at the crossroads of civilization. The country is situated between the continents of Europe and Asia and serves as a connector between the two continents. The country is between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The country was formed after the abolition of the Ottoman Empire under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal. The history and the geography of the country attract a number of tourists from the world over. The infrastructure of the country has been developed which has attracted a lot of foreign investments. With the development of the infrastructure, the tourism industry also developed. The components of the industry like the hotels, tour operators etc. have increased in numbers to make travelling a beautiful experience. (Turkey, n.d.). Tourism has become one of the prime earners of the GDP of the country. The paper will look into the state of the tourism industry in general in Turkey. After analyzing the tourism industry of the country, the paper will look into the case of the Onura Hotel. The analysis will be directed to make the hotel a more effective and profitable one. The hotel should be at par with the international ones.
The paper will be divided into the following sections: Literature review, Research Methodology, Recommendations and Conclusions. The analysis will be done step by step. This will help to make the project a viable one.

The aim of this project is to analyse the hotel management of Onura Hotel in Kuşadası within the context of the Turkish tourism and hotel industry, to reveal out the major issues including opportunities and threats facing the Onura Hotel. Thus the aims and objectives of the study can be listed as follows:
•To analyse the tourism industry as a whole in Turkey.
•To analyse the threats and opportunities of the Turkish tourism industry.
•To analyse the hotel management of the Onura Hotel in Turkey.
•To analyze the opportunities and threats of the Onura Hotel in Turkey,
•To find out the chances of making the hotel a truly developed one.

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