Thursday 26 January 2017


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  1. Constraints to agricultural production in river state (a case study of Bori LGA.
    2. Motivation and productivity (a case study of the Nigerian national petroleum corporation).
    3. Potmaking, slavery and group integration in Ikem.
    4.Return migrants and capital accumulation (a case study of Andoni fishing economy, 1974-1984).
    5. Marriage institution (a case study of Engenni clan).
    6.  Knowledge, attitude and practice of family planning among rural women: a case study of Odegu community, Ikwerre/Etche LGA, Rivers state.
    7. Social class and educational opportunity (a case study of Owerri urban, Imo state)
    8. Religion and the social structure of Engenni.
    9. The impact of the oil industry on peasant production in Bonny.
    10. Urbanization and class formation in western Ijaw- the case study of Patani in the Bomadi LGA of Bende state.
    11.  Measures for poverty alleviation: a case study of some household units in Awka, Anambra state capital.
    12. Rural development and environmental protection in Rivers state (a case study of Emuoha LGA).
    13.  The reality of rehabilitation (a case study of the Port Harcourt prison)
    14. Social change and small scale informal sector: a case study of local Gin industry in Rumuokparali.
    15.  Socio-economic inequality and armed robbery in southern Nigeria: a political economy approach.
    16. Agip Oil company and development projects in Brass/Okpoama community: a case of organizational response to its environment.
    17. Ethnicity in catholic institute of west Africa (CIWA) administration. A sociological investigation.
    18. Motivation and productivity in Guinness Nigeria limited. A case study of Harp Lager Brewery, Ogba.
    19. A sociological analysis of divorce and marital instability. A case study of Omumu in Agborland.
    20. Development of industry and peasant food production: a case study of Eleme in Gokana Tai/Eleme LGA of Rivers state.
    21.  The role of the Nigeria police in crime control and prevention.
    22. The symbolism of land-related oath-taking and rural class formation in Nigeria: the case of Akpor.
    23. The impact of Christianity on African culture (a case study of Okposi community in Esu-ohaozara LGA of Imo state, Nigeria)
    24.  The effects of perceived parental motivation on academic performance: a comparative case study of university of Port Harcourt undergraduates.
    25.  From village to suburb: class and community in the port Harcourt periphery. (the case of woji town).
    26.  Tourism potentials of the Obudu cattle ranch.
    27.  Class formation and integration in Port Harcourt: a case study of roadside mechanics.
    28.  Corruption prone contract awards in river state government agencies 1979-1984.
    29.  Conflicts and convergence between Christianity and traditional religion in (Joinkrama) Engenni.
    30.  White collar criminality: a case study of Nigerian sea-ports.
    31.  Kinship and marriage in Kabu-ebe Community
    32.  Government policies and food scarcity in Nigeria: a case study of Niger delta basin and rural development authority.
    33.   Location and workplace relations
    34.  Migrants’ adjustment to city life: a study of Opobo migrants in Port Harcourt
    35.  The maitatsine peasant revolt in Kano (Nigeria): a class analysis.
    36.  The economy and the gender question in Nembe
    37.  Class, ethnicity and urban growth in Nigeria: a case study of Ninth-mile corner, Udi LGA, Anambra state.
    38.  Spatial distribution of juvenile delinquency in residential areas in Enugu
    39.  The religion and social structure of the Abua clan in rivers state.
    40.  Ethnic affiliation and resource competition in Nigeria.
    41.  Worker/management relationship in a bureaucratic organization: a case study of golden guinea breweries, Umuahia 1973-1983.
    42.  World bank rice project and rural development in Ogboji, Anambra state.

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